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A Universe Of Cliches And Contradictions

cliches and contradictions

I used to be a victim

I used to be hidden

until I ran away from the expectations

and preconceived conceptions

because over-identification only ever leads to further restriction

of who I am and who you are

and what we are and why we are

and how on earth any of this could have ever come to be

nothing makes sense in this three-dimensional reality

and somewhere in the senselessness of it all

love appears out of nowhere

like how the fuck did that get there?

paradigm shift

feels like shitting a brick

dark night of the soul

after a major, major ego trip

and now an ego burst

and now a soul rebirth

psychonaut soldier surfing the waves

of inter-dimensional death and rebirth

anchor me down, mama Gaia

I escaped the womb

only to return to the darkness

forgot who I was through the endless karmic cycles

of sparse human consciousness

fooled into believing the brain contains brilliance

had to lose my mind to find

scared somatic reverence

scared somatic remembrance

the body is the serpent

the body is an ancient library of stored ancestral remanents

alluring me down a pineal gland-shaped rabbit hole

only to discover intergenerational trauma and simultaneously the gates of heaven

and yet, the ego’s still obsessed with physical tantric connection

sexual pleasure and root chakra happy endings

are the initiations into the sisterhoods and brotherhoods of superiority, power and arrogance

the ultimate entrapment

banished to the fiery pits of intoxicated hedonism

the mark of the beast is in our forgetfulness

we’re neither gods nor goddesses

we’re simply pure consciousness

we’re simply the nothingness,

the void inside the All and everythingness

we are the emptiness of all our atoms

in a hallucinated simulation crystallised

we'd be able to access endless galaxies of joy if only we'd sit still, shut up and try

cliches and contradictions

universal consciousness got bored and fragmented into 8 billion individual experiences

just to feel the antithesis of light and love

and so here we are ...

cliches and contradictions

we think we’re victims

but we’re just paid actors

convinced by our own performance

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