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The Messy Yet Liberating Journey of Self-Transformation

Welcome to my journey of self-discovery and transformation through the lens of my ever-evolving relationship with my hair. From the moment I decided to shave my head in early 2021, this adventure has been a profound exploration of self-acceptance and growth.

This article showcases how inner transformations manifest externally and invites you to embrace the beauty (and awkwardness) of change. Join me as I share my personal insights and experiences, navigating the unruly stages of hair growth and savouring the liberating moments in between.

Embracing the Awkwardness of Transformation: My Journey of Physical and Inner Evolution

Transformation is never easy. As a trauma-informed transformational coach, I help others navigate major life changes and inner shifts. But my own awkward and enlightening journey growing out my hair has reminded me that evolution is ultimately about surrendering to the unknown.

After shaving my head in 2020, I decided to let my hair grow out again. What seemed like a simple choice led me down a path of self-discovery and letting go of control. With each stage of awkward regrowth, I’m confronted with accepting transition and stepping outside my comfort zone.

Surrendering to the Unknown through Physical and Inner Change

Some days the self-judgment creeps in. “You look like a 14-year-old boy,” my inner critic chides. But other moments, like in the candid selfie above where I can be seen beaming brighter than the sun, bring pure liberation. My wild hair dancing freely in the breeze, I fully embraced the messy unfolding of change.

It fascinates and humours me how inner transformations manifest externally. This trivial experience echoes my clumsy teenage years and the metamorphosis catalysed by buzzing my hair. With each new length, I witness the rebirth of my former self.

Growth is not glamorous. It’s awkward, unsettling, and makes you want to turn back. Yet it’s also beautiful, expansive and essential. While the urge to control arises, I try to honour what manifests. Integration involves celebrating all that shows up, comfortable or not.

Honouring Our Evolving Selves with Compassion

As a coach, I know transformation isn’t smooth. My own journey reminds me it’s a pilgrimage of surrender to the ebb and flow of life. Our externals reflect inner realignment. By embracing the messy path of evolution, we can find harmony with all that we are, were, and are becoming.

The process of inner alchemy leading to outer change is the heart of my coaching practice. I support those navigating transitions that call for courage, trust, and self-compassion. If this resonates, explore my Womb-to-World coaching offering, where we’ll walk this path together.

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