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Emerald City

Where’d she go?

Lost her mind

Lost her rhyme

Lost in stagnant time

Stuck on rewind

The horizon fell down a groundhog hole

An endless night

At least rock bottom

Has a floor to fight

Not like this blackhole

Emptying away the better parts of herself

An interstellar mission to retrieve

Sinking deeper and deeper

From 2020 till now,

a doomsday-peddled hoax,

called 2023

Descending into bottomless depths

The scariest place to be

A hall of green mirrors reflecting

the delusion of Emerald City

Behind the smoke and mirrors

Is a wizard

Who turns out to be

... a she

20/20 vision of self-actuality

Her fading fragmented shadow-self bestows her with 3 blessings:

The harsh truth

Radical acceptance

And self-accountability

See, the emptiness was hers all along

Poltergeist of a shamed inner-self

But now, in the present moment, she sees

"Observe the observer",

her future self speaks,

Expose the cognitive distortions

The thinking errors

The unconscious negative biases

Till suddenly

Falling reimagines itself into surrendering control

Sailing into a golden-dawn alchemical destiny

With faith and ease

In this new universe, she's got nowhere else to be

But here with presence

Mind comatose

But soul embodied

A great soma reset




and finally, unboundaried

She's free

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