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A Message For Time Travellers, Galactic Wanderers And Shapeshifters

This is a very defined path that you are on. It is a mission you signed up for. You knew all that would occur on this journey, as it has occurred many times before.

Your future self, who exists in the now present moment, looks back at your past self, the one who is not able to break a particular pattern. The one who was unable to move beyond the limitations created by its ego self.

There are very many deep-rooted fears in your being at this moment that limit you from stepping into the frequency of your highest potential, your highest timeline and your highest self — specifically your higher self that resides within a higher dimensional consciousness that would at this time like to be anchored into your vessel. But before this higher dimensional being can anchor into your vessel, this higher dimensional being that is you that already exists at a different frequency, there is some baggage that needs to be released: a deep pattern, a deep wound, one you have carried your whole life. In this life and many others, you have been plagued by this wound and it is within this lifetime that you have chosen to release this burden. To do so, you must simply become aware of this imprint and where it exists within your body, within your being and within your emotional state. It's a painful task to undertake. We understand, we understand the discomfort that you have to pass through. The loneliness and the isolation that it may cause you to feel. But in fact, it is not a lonely journey, for this is a collective wound, and it is simply that not everyone is ready to face this wound. And in fact, a very, very small percentage of humankind is able to hold the capacity to transcend this wound. You are one of the beings on the planet at this time who has chosen this undertaking. You are one of the beings on the planet that is working specifically with this wound, not just for yourself, but for the entire collective. You are so needed here at this time. And in fact, this is what you came here to do. You are so well equipped for this mission because you understand a very important principle that many others fail to understand. And that principle exists in the process of death and life.

You are very much working with the space of what is considered in human terms, the afterlife. This is an unchartered territory within your realm of existence. There are very many notions of what the afterlife is, though very few actually understand it.

The afterlife is nothing more than life. It is the life that continues eternally after your physical human death.

There's not a lot we can share to deepen this understanding at this time as it is extremely lucrative for your being to come into the awareness yourself — we cannot give you the wisdom. The wisdom must be found and only true seekers may find it.

This is not an area that everyone is brave enough to wander through because it is within this realm that, in your human terms, depersonalization and derealization can occur within your plane of existence. These concepts are considered mental illness or mental instability, which is not untrue, however, there's much more to the story.

During derealization, you disassociate from the physical experience and the physical reality, whereby reality becomes a dreamlike state. And yes, we understand that this can cause fear, discomfort, loss of control, loss of self, and loss of belonging. But herein also lies an opportunity. For it is within the dream state that you are truly empowered, for you can imagine anything into existence. As long as you have recovered all of the fragmented aspects of yourself, you may wander into this reality wielding a sword of magic and self-belief as the true alchemist and as a true wanderer, one that wanders the dimensions sharing your being and your frequencies where it is needed the most. You are a sacred wanderer.

You might not necessarily feel at home in your body or on earth because you are a wander, but home is in fact your essence, you carry it wherever you go. In the same way that people feel like they are in complete darkness only to realise they are the light and the darkness, you may not feel like there is home anywhere because in fact, you are the essence of home and you are anchoring that essence of home wherever you go.

You are anchoring the 'home frequency' from different dimensional realities, different consciousnesses, and from different galaxies and star systems. You are anchoring these frequencies into the galactic spheres, wherever they're needed.

It's not an easy mission. We know. It involves a constant process of death and rebirth or starting anew, of rebirthing yourself, of shedding layers, and of expanding your energy. You expand through contracting too — contractions must occur to catalyse these expansions. The deeper you feel into your contractions, the greater the ability you have to expand your reality. And wherever you choose to exist within it, that environment will consequently expand with you.

You are coming into contact, at this moment, with a more unified version of yourself, unifying both the light and shadow aspects of who you are. Unifying both the wounded warrior and your higher self, they are working in harmony through this process. They're no longer battling each other.

They look back at you with gratitude for how far you've come on this journey and would like you to know that every step you take beyond this point will be unlike any other.

Every step you take beyond this point will be blessed simply because you have the capacity to see the blessings. No matter the situation, blessings will be yours for collecting. They're yours for harvesting. Go forth into your blessings. Dear one, this is exactly the situation you have been working towards.

— A message from the galaxy of Andromeda, channelled by Tanya Master.

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