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My Mirror Is You

I’m tired

I’m confused

I have no more fight or flight

I’ve had enough of masking







I’m tired

of the labels and false identities

I’ve plastered onto myself

and let you plaster onto me

I’m tired

of trying to fit a square peg

into a round hole

when the truth is

I’m formless

I’m shapeless

and therein lies my blessing

and my curse:

I feel everything

for I am everything

I feel my feelings and I feel yours too

I didn’t ask to

this gift is a double-edged sword

I am the victim

I am the perpetrator

as are you

I am a beautifully wild beast

dancing alone and naked

underneath the moon

but keeping it secret

because I’m ashamed

of my divine darkness

my Kali-etched skin

my Medusa-seething, serpentine hair

I’m tried of fighting the shadows

that are trying to liberate me

that are trying to liberate us

from the shackles

of staying small

of staying silent

when truth be told

there’s a lot to be said

that you never wanted to hear

and that I never wanted to admit

in this lifetime

or any other

I am your mirror

You are mine

We are tired

and it’s at this point of exhaustion

that the ego




and dissociates

so that you and I can finally

come to realise

separation is an illusion

we’re all the same

we’re all each other’s reflections

we’re all tired

of misinterpreting the unconscious

we’re tired of this amnesia

that forsakes us

that disconnects us

from each another

we’re tired of

the karmic repetition

of cognitive dissonance,

of the repression and suppression

of our divine selves

and the infinite awareness

of our own God heads

we’re tried

of remaining


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