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Transformation & The Law of Attraction

When undergoing a conscious transformation, expect wisdom, insights and teachings to be endowed unto you; in the often uncomfortable form of truth bombs and vigorous testing ...

Testing is simply the process of undergoing trials and tribulations to let go of limiting perceptions created by the ego self and to gain conscious awareness of the higher self.

Undergoing trials and tribulations is synonymous with the unveiling of absolute truth. These insights and truths will subsequently awaken and transform aspects within the conscious mind causing a ripple effect of transformations within all other areas in your life.

It alters your career and finances, your desires and passions, ALL your relationships, and your home and body. All the aforementioned will undergo the exact same alchemical transformation that your consciousness undergoes. This is because your physical life is an exact reflection of your internal landscape.

As within so without.

As above so below.

It is important to note: All the above examples of the external reality are interdependent upon each other (body, home, career).

Once you crack the code to transform one thing you crack the code to transform everything.

Once you set off one domino the rest will consequently begin to drop.

This cannot be avoided.

This cannot be stopped.

Example 1: Your work life and home life are interlinked

Your work life and home life coexist in harmony with each other when each is in harmony singularly.

This is how work-life balance is achieved. When one is out of balance, so too will the other.

You can resolve this imbalance by changing one situation thereby triggering a change in the other situation. Note that in the process of elevating the frequency of one, you may come to realise that the other is not able to realign to the frequency change, and in this case, a magnetic repulsion occurs, or a frequency mismatch.

To realign and harmonise, you will need to let go and release the situation that is out of balance.

Letting go and releasing needs to occur for two reasons:

  1. To allow the other situation to align to its own desired state, which may or may not be aligned with you

  2. To attract in that which IS aligned to the frequency shift you instated.

Both reasons are as important to each other.

This is true conscious awareness.

If you do not let go, stagnation occurs.

This is why you feel ‘stuck’.

Being stuck is an indication of an unwillingness to let go of that which is no longer aligned with you OR an unwillingness to attract that which is.

Example 2: Romantic love and self-love are interlinked

When romantic love and self-love exist in harmony singularly, they exist in harmony together.

Chasing love vs attracting love is not the same thing.

They do not produce the same outcome.

These two approaches to acquiring love result in two different energetic situations.

Chasing love is an ineffective way of expressing that which you truly desire because you are not communicating what you desire (love) when you chase, seek and search.

Instead, you express a persistent and consistent lack of love and desperation for attention, which is not equal to true love but is equal to fear. So what you end up receiving is relationships embodying the energy of fear, lack, co-dependency and disharmony.

Remember that the energy of the outcome is aligned with the energy of what is expressed.

How to attract and manifest divine love and unconditionally loving relationships:

  1. Prioritise and practise acts of self-love and self-care

  2. Pursue activities that evoke personal happiness and bliss

  3. Fuel the passions, desires and innate gifts of the inner self, and inner child

  4. Exude and express love in everything that you do.

These actions will ATTRACT towards you what the waking consciousness is expressing,

which is love, bliss, and passion towards the self.

You can't have what you want until you want what you already have.

You must already have it emotionally to accept and perceive it physically.

Remember that what is attracted to you is an exact frequency match to the energy of your feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Choose them carefully.


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