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The Deity is You

There’s a deity in me

even my inner demons can see

I’m made up of three

my divinity

is a holy trinity

I’ve risen

as far as I’ve fallen

the garden of Eden

is a paradoxical prison

unveiled by Eve

and her propensity for ultimate wisdom

summoned by the tree of knowledge

of good and evil

the illusion

at the heart-centre of this dimension

Bearing fruit

of Serpentine confusion

Heaven and Hell

in divine union


Press your lips

upon the nectar

of reflection

upon the nectar

of sacred mysticism

upon the nectar

of ultimate creation

swallow the energy of this orgasm

Shakti spiralling into the heavens

from the void

from the abyss

from the darkness

comes everything

comes this never-ending tale

of your reincarnation

waiting for you to rub the slumber from your eyes

to realise

you carved these words into stone

hieroglyph-writings are in your bones

realise you are alchemical gold

and the philosopher's stone

The elixir of life ...

it's in your tone

your words spoken

simultaneously a trigger

and a lullaby

leading you into parallel lives

and the Akashic records of soul profiles

wake up Sleeping Beauty

the serpents are calling

to crown you Medusa

Queen of Orion

in the wake of Poseidon’s falling

the iron gates of Hell

are ironically the golden gates of the Nile

flowing where Atlantis had once sunken

Lemuria is drawing near

following the Aquarian rising

follow the wings of Horus

the incantations of the swallow Goddess Isis

follow the smoke from the burning bush that had Moses in crisis

follow Osiris into the underworld

to the Arc of the Covenant

withholding the Emerald Tablets

reflecting to you

your truest essence

your absolute greatness

you are the reflection of the sun

the shadow of the moon

you are Thoth himself

the thrice-great Hermes

projecting out the universe inside you

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