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From the Wounded Warrior to the Wise Leader

On this journey

everyone you encounter

will act as your mirror

presenting to you the various aspects of yourself.

The individuals you find discomfort in being around

present to you the aspects of yourself you don't want to look at—

they are the truest reflections of your ego.

Your resistance to them

underlines an avoidance to the attributes of your own ego.

This discomfort you perceive within these relationships

is merely discomfort you feel within yourself.

These people-mirrors are the keys that unlock the ego—

the padlock to the soul.

There is no other way to move into the soul completely,

or eliminate the ego completely,

without first illuminating the ego completely,

which is done by reflecting into the uncomfortable people-mirrors that appear into your life.

Observe these individuals

that make you feel so uncomfortable.

Think upon the reasons for your discomfort when in their presence.

Think upon the reason you find discomfort in their actions or words or behaviours.

Now, forget about the individual

and only think objectively

on the actions, words and behaviours being reflected.

Consider when, how and why YOU express those exact actions, words and behaviours

in your life.

Herein lies the qualities of your own ego self.

Herein you find the protective facade of the soul.

Herein you find what it is you are truly afraid of,

the things that make you feel the most vulnerable,

the things that make you feel the most insecure,

and the most wounded. A true warrior is wounded,

but overcomes the martyrdom of his or her wounds,

through awareness of the ego,

which initiates the elimination of the ego.

The wounded warrior protects him or herself with armour (ego).

A true warrior goes into battle naked and open.

The strength of the true warrior lies in his or her acceptance of personal truth and awareness.

Personal truth leads to absolute wisdom.

In accepting truth and awareness

and shedding the armour of the ego,

the once wounded warrior

transforms into the wise leader.

A wise leader is ego-less,

and soul-full.

A wise leader sees wisdom in everyone,

for their own personal wisdom is being reflected out.

Once the facade of the ego has fallen,

you will no longer be triggered

or made to feel uncomfortable by the individuals you encounter,

for you will have removed all discomfort from within the self

and so there is no discomfort left to be mirrored back to you.

Channeled by Tanya Master


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