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Womb To World

A Journey of Metamorphosis

Embark on a trauma-sensitive coaching and therapy journey that empowers you to break free from limiting beliefs and outdated narratives. This integrative approach combines the best of coaching and therapeutic practices to help you co-create and embody a soul-centered reality.


Lasting transformation doesn’t happen overnight or in a single session. It’s a journey of metamorphosis that requires deep self-inquiry, commitment to the process, and patience as you integrate new insights. This journey combines coaching and therapy, offering a unique blend of guidance and healing to navigate the transitions and challenges you encounter. Embracing this process involves both inner exploration and practical strategies, alongside surrendering to the transformative space where profound change occurs. With the right inner and outer resources, this journey can help you create a new reality aligned with your highest potential.


Womb to World is Tanya Master’s signature program designed to facilitate personal transformation over an initial 9-month period. This program consists of 3 coaching trimesters, each offering a distinct phase of growth, tailored to your unique path and needs. 

The program is a container of possibility, providing the foundation for significant change while remaining open to extended support and further sessions as your journey unfolds.


Tanya's psycho-somatic approach integrates integrates advanced methods including somatic trauma integration, psychodynamic coaching, and IFS parts work approaches to not only help you co-create your waking experience of reality, but more specifically to equip you in navigating the uncontrollable circumstances, situations and experiences that inevitably unfold along our path through life.

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  • You're going through a major life change or transition and need support navigating the challenges

  • You struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism or lack confidence in your abilities

  • You desire more balance, purpose and meaning - but aren't sure how to create it

  • You feel called to transcend past struggles, break free of conformity and transform holistically

  • You feel stuck in unhealthy patterns and are ready to do inner work to shift them

  • Old traumas or emotional wounds are resurfacing and you want to process them holistically

  • You're curious about both somatic and cognitive approaches to self-discovery

  • You feel ready to transcend self-sabotage and limitation to embody your highest potential

  • You seek a judgment-free space to understand yourself more deeply and evolve consciously

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this work is for you if

what clients say

Facebook Cover (2).jpg

"Tanya has an amazing gift in seeing who you are and what you need without forcing anything. Her calmness, the space she gives, and the fact that she trusted me enough to work with me on eye level, to collaborate with me make her stand out as a coach. I've gotten the feedback from friends and lovers that I have changed and that something heavy that I was carrying is gone. This was us <3" 
— Joanna S, Berlin, Germany

In Our Sessions, You Can Expect:

  • A nurturing space where you feel truly seen, held, and supported as you navigate life’s challenges

  • A trauma-informed relationship built on trust, empathy, and unconditional positive regard

  • Courageous exploration fuelled by curiosity, vulnerability and radical honesty

  • Psychotherapeutic and shamanic techniques skilfully combined to guide self-inquiry

  • Gentle somatic practices to help you tune into your body, discharge stuck emotions, and return to alignment

  • Thought-provoking questions and perspective shifts that reveal your innate inner wisdom

  • A sacred container where all aspects of your being are welcome to be expressed, honoured, and understood

  • Occasional difficult moments of growth when outdated beliefs and blind spots are brought to light

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No worries, book a free discovery call with Tanya to discuss what you’re processing, then decided together on what might be the best route forward.

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