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Everything you need to know about the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate portal is a cosmic event that happens every year hitting its peak on the 8th of August, resulting in it being called the "8/8 Portal", which also provides this cosmic event with a numerologically amplified boost.

The portal or gateway opens annually on the 26th of July and is said to remain open up until about the 11th or 12th of August. This event is brought to us by a cosmic alignment of Earth’s sun with the star Sirius, which is considered the spiritual sun and the brightest star in the night sky.

During the cosmic event, as Sirus rises in the sky, the 3 stars of Orion's belt align perfectly with the pyramids of Giza, marking this as one of the most auspicious times in Egyptian mythology. It is said that the river Nile would flood every year during the Lion’s Gate, providing abundance, fertility and nourishment to the land and the people. This is why the 8/8 portal is especially known for its increased manifestation potency.

In Christianity, this event is observed as the Feast of Transfiguration, occurring on August 6th. Through his Transfiguration, Christ appeared as both a human being and a divine presence.

A reminder that we are each a singular piece of unified consciousness.

Of course, as with all events embuing the planet with amplified light frequencies, dark forces and entities become particularly triggered through this gateway. This can be exhibited as an excess of fear, distress, and panic. Mainstream media is likely at this time to be pushing (more than usual) fear-based propaganda to intentionally deflect or distract us from accessing the clarity, inspired action and overflow of energy accessible through moving into the portal.

Signs that the portal energies are being intercepted by dark forces:

  • Feeling very personally triggered

  • Experiencing crippling anxiety or panic attacks

  • Waves of depression

  • Participating in or witnessing excessive drama or gossiping

  • Toxicity from the past resurfacing

  • On a collective level: war, devastation, strikes/attacks (the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August), sudden outbreaks of disease and/or viruses.

One of the greatest invitations of the Lion’s Gate is to release toxicity or the destructive mechanisms at play in our lives. It is a time of being confronted by our own ego to shed outdated layers and belief systems (often inherited through our bloodline) that obstruct us from reaching higher alignment with our Dharma, which is our Soul’s true purpose, calling or mission.

As we begin to align to our Dharma, what that may look like in reality is being triggered by all of the experiences that inhibit us from leaving our comfort zone. So if we are suffering from anxiety, depression, tension, conflict or stress at this time, it is likely due to the fact that we are being confronted by the dark forces that still have a hold on us and which are associated with our Karma. This is NOT A BAD THING.

We must refrain from judging these experiences and the associated, potentially negative, emotions. They are the gateway!

The best thing we can do is to allow ourselves to move into the experience of feeling what is coming up and then allowing what is coming up to MOVE us forward. Movement is the key to the Lion’s Gate portal.

During the portal, we will also be confronted by what it is we want the most out of life. And to achieve this requires the crucial element of sacrifice – something often unspoken about within the topic of manifestation but is present within every single thing that is brought to life.

We tend to think of sacrifice as a negative thing. But sacrifice is a very necessary element within the manifestation process and equally reflects back to us what we can no longer carry with us on our journey forward.

The sacrifice associated with the Lion’s Gate is an invitation to let go of something that is NO LONGER beneficial to our journey, either material or energetic. It can indicate the need to sacrifice experiences we keep around because they provide us comfort, stability and a sense of control (such as coping mechanisms).

So this Lion's Gate portal put the distractions of the external world aside, this is our time to reflect on our soul-aligned dreams, sacrifice, and take inspired action.

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