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Tanya Master

Trauma-Informed Integrative Coach

Tanya Master is an integrative coach combining trauma-sensitive spiritual practices and psychotherapeutic support for long-lasting, embodied transformation. ​Tanya's blended approach to coaching is designed to help individuals overcome obstacles and stagnancy, transcend the impacts of trauma, deprogramme from harmful societal, cultural and intergenerational conditioning, and live in a soul-aligned reality with authenticity and self-integrity.

With a combined 13 years of experience as a tarot card and energy reader, Reiki practitioner, spiritual mentor and channeller of collective consciousness, Tanya has a deep understanding of the role that spirituality and energy work play in the domains of personal development, inner healing, and self-empowerment. However, she eventually began to realise through her own trauma-healing process, that spiritual practices and energy-based modalities alone are not enough to truly support individuals in achieving the self-awareness, transcendence, coregulation and resilience required for sustainable growth and lasting transformation, particularly where unprocessed ancestral trauma lingers in the mind, body and spirit, and so in 2022 Tanya was led on a divinely orchestrated pivot into the world of psycho-spiritual integrative coaching to make a more impactful difference in people's lives. 

Tanya's coaching modality incorporates frameworks and practices from somatic trauma-healing, soul-retrieval (a.k.a. parts work integration) and lucid shamanic journeying, as well as cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic coaching approaches to not only help clients co-create their waking experience, but more specifically to equip them in navigating the uncontrollable circumstances of reality that inevitably unfold along the way.

Education & Training

Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching (ACIC)

School of Positive Transformation 2022 - 2023

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate

The Embody Lab 2021 - 2022

Reiki Level I & II Certification

Blue Angel Reiki Centre 2014

Associate's Degree in Professional Writing and Editing

RMIT University 2012 - 2016  

Bachelor of Science  

University of Melbourne 2008 - 2011  

*Deferred Placement

Book a FREE Call

Start your transformational coaching journey with an initial chemistry session that allows you and Tanya to get a feel for one another so you can decide IF and HOW this coaching relationship might serve you in manifesting your desired state of reality.

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