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Womb To World

A 3-Month Transformational Coaching Journey

A trauma-sensitive journey that empowers you to co-create your conscious experiencing and embody your highest creative potential so that you can break free from the limiting beliefs and outdated narratives that have held you back for long enough.


Lasting transformation doesn't happen overnight or in a single session. It's a journey of metamorphosis that requires deep self-inquiry, commitment to the process, patience whilst integrating new insights, support and divine surrender into the womb-like void — the sacred space where all life emerges from. With the right inner and outer resources, this is a powerful journey that can birth a new reality that aligns with your highest potential.


Womb to World is Tanya Master's signature coaching program designed to help you achieve a personal transformation over the course of 9 months, consisting of 3 individually booked coaching trimesters lasting 3 months each. Just like the sacred human birthing cycle of pregnancy, each trimester offers a unique phase of growth and development, from the conception of a vision to incubation and ultimately, emergence into a new embodied reality. 


Tanya's psycho-spiritual coaching style integrates somatic trauma-healing, soul-retrieval and shamanic journeying, as well as cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic coaching approaches to not only help you co-create your waking experience or reality, but more specifically to equip you in navigating the uncontrollable circumstances, situations and experiences that inevitably unfold along our path through life.


 Your Coach: Tanya Master, Certified Integrative Coach. 

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No worries, book a free discovery call with Tanya to discuss what you’re processing, then decided together on what might be the best route forward.

  • Ready to move beyond limiting beliefs or old stories that are keeping you stuck or stagnant


    Wanting to break past your current 'glass ceiling' in your personal and/or professional life


    Struggling to align with your purpose and passions

  • Needing support to process or regulate emotions or unprocessed emotional wounds


    In a spiritual crisis, spiritual awakening process or experiencing spiritual psychosis


    Struggling with personal identity or disconnect from sense of self and/or reality

  • Wanting to cultivate healthy relationship patterns

  • Ready to release self judgement so you can step into the next stage of your personal evolution

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this work is for you
if you're ...

What to expect from sessions:

  • A space to be held, witnessed and supported as you process whatever life is throwing at you

  • A relationship where safety, sensitivity and radical acceptance are at the forefront of every conversation 

  • Collaborative communication where curiosity, vulnerability and honesty are encouraged (from both coach and client) 

  • A psychotherapeutic approach combined with shamanic techniques to provoke greater overall awareness and self-reflection 

  • Body-oriented/somatic check-ins to assist you in identifying, processing and discharging stagnant emotions 

  • A space for powerful questions to trigger you to uncover the wisdom that already exists within your being  

what clients say

"I've been working on my wounds and past traumas for years. I've done some very good work with different therapists, healers, shamans but I could never find someone who could accompany me on my journey in a REAL holistic way, including my physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, spiritual etc. dimensions until I met Tanya. If, like me, you're looking for someone to help you transition, and who's really able to hold the space while you're dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly, with total acceptance, absolute support, excellent listening skills and tools and kindness, then Tanya is the right person for you. Of course, such a journey requires you to be completely honest with yourself, resolutely dedicated to your healing process, and completely authentic. But if you're here on this page, you're most probably already on this path.
Don't hesitate: Tanya is by far the person I'm most grateful I met on my healing journey."

— Julie G, Britanny, France

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