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Tanya is committed to inspiring people to live with purpose, passion and soul alignment through enhancing their capacity for self reflection, emotional intelligence, inspired action, and somatic awareness. Tanya’s work encourages embodied safety within self and interpersonal relationships so that intentional, long-lasting growth and transformation can take place. Her psycho-spiritual approach helps people move through obstacles, overcome limiting beliefs, awaken their spiritual self and higher mind, and integrate unprocessed emotional wounds so that they may reach their highest potential.


Tanya Master is a certified integrative coach fusing trauma-sensitive spiritual practices with a psychodynamic and somatic coaching approach for long-lasting, embodied transformation. โ€‹The foundation of her work is based on the principles of safety, trust, intimacy, curiosity and radical self-acceptance.

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Drawing the Temperance Card

Only a descent into the underworld of the self can renew life.

— Rachel Pollack


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"Tanya is truly a healer. She helped me to understand myself on another level and answered questions I had been searching for for a long time. She was very easy to talk to and held a safe space for me. I was guided to meet my higher self and in the process discovered my own blockages. I discovered more about myself and how I interact with others as well as my place in the world. I have a direction for the future and techniques I can use daily to connect to my higher self. I am truly grateful for this session and wish I could talk to Tanya everyday!"
— Hannah, Belfast, Ireland

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