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Hand with rings and tattoos drawing a card


Tanya is committed to inspiring people to live with purpose, passion and authenticity through enhancing their capacity for creative visualisation, emotional intelligence, embodied awareness, and deep reflection. Tanya’s work cultivates safety within the body, mind, and interpersonal relationships so that intentional, long-lasting growth and transformation can take place. Her work helps people move through obstacles, awaken spiritual gifts, process emotional wounds and reach their highest potential.


Tanya’s work is designed for anyone who has embarked on a journey of inner healing and transformation and is looking for deeper meaning, spiritual guidance/orientation, emotional regulation, or self-empowerment. Her 1:1 sessions provide a tailor-made container of safety, mentorship, coregulation and acceptance for those seeking to align with their most authentic self.  

Drawing the Temperance Card

Only a descent into the underworld of the self can renew life.

— Rachel Pollack


"I've been working on my wounds and past traumas for years. I've done some very good work with different therapists, healers, shamans but I could never find someone who could accompany me on my journey in a REAL holistic way, including my physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, spiritual etc. dimensions until I met Tanya. If, like me, you're looking for someone to help you transition, and who's really able to hold the space while you're dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly, with total acceptance, absolute support, excellent listening skills and tools and kindness, then Tanya is the right person for you. Of course, such a journey requires you to be completely honest with yourself, resolutely dedicated to your healing process, and completely authentic. But if you're here on this page, you're most probably already on this path."

— Julie G

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Start your transformational journey with an initial chemistry session that allows you and Tanya to get a feel for one another so you can decide IF and HOW this coaching relationship might serve you in manifesting your desired state of reality.

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