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Catch A Vibe With Me


get wavey with me

get hazy with me

become a lazy Sunday afternoon with me

dabble in a toke of Hasheesh

to an Indonesian dinner on the moon with me

the canal streets of Amsterdam

got nothing

on your stretch-marked hips

or chewed up bottom lip

lisp snakey rhymes to me

get foreign, exotic, tantric with me

accept my feline purrs of praise

catch my tail before I make or break

stick to my honesty

like a bumblebee

to dripping honey

nourish my roots and dirt-black earth

with innocence and purity

turn me on

tease me

with words of humility and vulnerability

surprise me

like a sun shower on a Summer’s day

sprinkle fairy-dust mystery

onto my serpentine hair

compliment my void-brown eyes

reflecting the eternity inside yours

get loosey-goosey, ugly-duckling, consciously aware with me

jump off this precipice hand-in-hand with me

free-fall like a fool into the creative abyss

to manifest like real-time Atlantean high priestesses

transcend the weight of lead that sunk our golden hearts

causing this amnesia that has us believe we are anything less than alchemists

awaken from the programmed slumber with me

two black sheep

escape the matrix of polarity

get ride-or-die-happy

in self-love with me

it doesn’t take a trip to Amsterdam

to trip in unconditional love like we’re in Amsterdam

these hallucinogenic canal streets

got nothing on our naturally astral feet

got nothing on the reality of unity

- Tanya Master

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