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Ishtar Incarnate

Ancient Goddess

I sweat the sweet nectar of life

from my pores, the oils of ecstasy do pour

tear ducts of salty seas

hot with Poseidonion fury and melancholy

waiting at the banks of my black lashes

to be released

a tsunami of hormonal secretions ferment inside me

I am an awakening tide

I rise and fall with the inhales and exhales of a blackened sky

I cascade and ricochet

against walls of molten rock

I am the force of a tectonic shift

shattering glass surfaces

making porcelain plates slip

I am the chaos in love

I am the order in war

mistake me not

alone as the sweetest nectar wetting the lips of night

mistake me not

alone as the glow of the elusive firefly

I am just as much


of fire and brimstone

I am the smokey breath of a fire-breathing dragon

I am the unified force of dark and light

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